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engulfed's Journal

helen of desTROY.
sure, it's cute, but can it conquer space & time?


VOIDS are for L♥VERS.

"i'm a fucking scientist!", [n]eurotrash, aesop rock, aim to please shoot to kill, all's well that ends, amphetamine psychosis, anonymity, antonin artaud, anything off a mirror, asexual sluts, barnes & chernobyl, bauhaus, beating space/time at their own game, being excessively theatrical, benevolent cannibalism, big black, black holes, blowing things up, bret easton ellis, cat got your lung, champagne=instant class, chasing my [re]tail, chicken needle soup, christian death, christian dior, cigarettes as excuses, cocteau twins, coil, conducting behavioral experiments, confiding in strangers, cook food not meth, corrupting the youth, critical mess, crying over spilt milk, dada, david bowie, david foster wallace, david lynch, death is a cabaret, delusions of grandeur, diamanda galas, discourse not discharge, disturbing the peace, dmitri shostakovich, dressing to oppress, egoterrorism, epic death scenes, eugene ionesco, f.t. marinetti, fake it til you break it, faking my death, forever hold your pieces, futurism, getting away with it, getting under your skin[&laying eggs], glossy glossy glossolalia, gogol bordello, gonzo journalism, groundcontrol to major tom, grow some teeth, heroin chic, holy mountain, homunculi, hunter s thompson, i ♣ baby seals, if it comes in a bag..., imelda marcos, in case of boredom: break laws, insufficient fun[d]s, is it over yet, jim foetus thirlwell, joy division, junkie soup, kill your idylls, kirlian camera, lautréamont, legendary pink dots, life as fiction, like nothing ever happened, literature as a crime, looks better on fire, lsd, making people nervous, medusa as sex symbol, mind control, ministry, mother's little helpers, my pet abyss, needs more exclamation points, never just adding water, niccolo paganini, nina hagen, nondairy creamer as explosive, not getting arrested, obscure literary references, pathological liars, patrick bateman, phrenology, pores with benefits, putting the cute back in execute, reality adjustment, rehearsing the apocalypse, rockstar breakfast cereal, romancing the delete key, russian roulette, ryder pales, salvador dali, saucer eyes, selling drugs to schoolchildren, shamelessly mocking wholesome pursuits, slit throat smiles, solipsism, speed, spending your money, stealing fire from gods, streamlined everything, succeeding at failure, surreal estate, surreptitiously rewriting history, the birthday party, the element of surprise, the holes in the plot, the lady in the radiator, the sisters of mercy, the thin white duke, theremin, these walls that talk, this blows dead cats, thomas pynchon, thoroughly reprehensible behavior, tony the tiger montana, trainwrecks that charge admission, tristan tzara, urban exploration, va va vomit!, vaya con defect, veins full of kittens, venetian snares, victims of circumstance, violin, vive la vitesse!, voids are for l♥vers, wads of cash, what's blocking your synapses, when write becomes writhe, why blink?, william s burroughs' marksmanship, wool/eye harmony, you are a myth, you should see the other guy