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apocalypse sow
my facebook account has been hacked & it is likely i won't be able to retrieve it - no matter how many times i reset my password, the site claims my email address does not exist or is already involved in creating a new password, which speaks to an ugly web of tangled relationships i thought outside the realms of purely digital capability, but hey whatever clueless scumbag would hack MY account - instead of, you know, one belonging to some successful, well-loved individual with her whole future ahead of her or some shit - is obviously capable of no end of utter bestial stupidity. so hey! look for another account with my name on it in a few days when i give up on trying to regain control of this one.
[the site even sends me email updates so i can keep track of all the things i'm not doing. even though, you know, my email account isn't affiliated with any usernames or anything, uh, at all. clever little robots]
[to those who still read livejournal & were expecting a grand epiphany, hey maybe i'll start writing in this again - o wait the site's deserted]

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Eventually all the accounts will be hacked/reclaimed and Mark will be everyone.

looking forward to you writing on here again.


How have you been for the last, uh...

.... long has it been, anyway?

The burgeoning new economy is one of facebook accounts (it used to be postage stamps). A bag of brussel sprouts will cost .2 accounts... a used lexus will set you back 5500. Get hacking or get left behind in the awesome new digital economy's bright and dazzling future. A trendy wave of pixels is flowing inexorably by and you better let yourself get swept up in it.

But you *are* loved and celebrated! So write again, dagnabbit! I'm too middle class for a wordless vendetta against your continued abstinence, and as with all middle class people, I have never been able to express my ill temperament through the correct orifice, it will thus lead to a parochial gust of belligerent wind which will render me unsanitary to friends and the general unwashed alike. And the public won't stand for my wind, Engulfed, or anything like it.

Don't lose me favour with the masses, I need them to buy my books.

Do you at least have a tumblr to fill the gaping void?

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