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if you're uncomfortable with CHANGE, empty your WALLET.
shoot me

THE FUTURE'S SO BRIGHT IT EXPLODED! details after the jump, from seven stories up with love

rewrote the textbook definition of Living Dead in hope of sealing myself out of the deal, sort of like 'prying' open the jaws of death with a mean right hook but violence is the tried & true method for a reason, kids, it's hard to tell a lie with half your teeth knocked out & even harder to believe it. THESE THINGS THEY GET BETTER. in a few months i get my much-needed vacation my fleeting chance at stardom & my ticket out of here all at once. better not fuck it up, right? CUE LAUGH TRACK. only thing keeping me from excitement-induced combustion is the little matter of may, the merry merry month thereof, you know i hang disasters over my head like fucking christmas ornaments nothing like a little "adversity" to put the spring in your step & the winter in your discontent. but like won't it be funny when i graduate college. i thought so.

& reintroducing miss underbelly 2009 & while the vowels all falling off my keyboard testify to the fact that i am indeed writing see it's going somewhere, it's For A Cause, it's for effect & the lights haven't even come up yet & we're still fishing our stuntmen out of the east river. i mean. just can't wait for this all to be over, i'll wake up one day with Accomplishments & away goes trouble down the [hatch] drain. trouble travels by vein anyway or so i've heard. falling out of my chair in the middle of the night to make gravity jealous. turning green like it stumbled into the ATMosphere & got asked to play a bit part.

i propose a toast to going places i shouldn't, & for a semi-annual denial of being dead, incarcerated, in rehab, comatose, etc--methinks the lady doth protest too little. in this twilight-zone-stuffed minesweeper universe where curiosity regularly goes on killing sprees even in the absence of my daily-renewed bouquet of freshly-plucked deathwishes i can only respond by becoming fatally mellow. & my component molecules turn away from each other arms folded like they aren't gonna speak til someone gives in. meanwhile i hear the roar of a big machine, & see the future getting fat off the present. would you rather pass go or collect $200.

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OH. how I want to be NYC RIGHT now.

RIGHT NOW. where's my goddamned time machine?

when you find it, let me know...i have some unfinished business back in 2005. & 2006-8 for that matter, but.
why AREN'T you in nyc right now? all roads stopped leading to rome in order to lead here...actually i'd kind of like to be in rome right now

Sometimes when I'm reading your entries here, Thriller starts playing in my head. Not exactly sure why, but it seems to fit.

But also David Bowie because I associate him with you

When I was on y holiday recently we were all in this little place/restaurant/drug hut in Laos and all my friends but me [seven of us went together] were so high and he came on and we had a singalong. I can't sing [well] but it was a great moment.

You're still tirelessly brilliant.

you have so much energy

why don't you give some to me.

every time I see you I want to stop you like a pendulum

do you ever unwind?


Re: you have so much energy

i can't unwind.

who is this?

Hey, what'd I do? OR FAAAAIIIIL TO DO :(

Congrats on your finishing, btw. Good shit. Break the world, now.

aww you didn't do anything...i am trying to shrink my friendslist on this account because i no longer have time to read either list OR write in the damn things. i am not exactly sure where this time went, as i don't have a full-time job either, but i will simply acknowledge the disappearance of said time while setting traps for it should it decide to come back
[& i post publicly 99.99999999999% of the time anyway]
& thanks! here's hoping i can at least begin the world-breaking process within the year so i don't have to throw myself at grad school. at this point i am extremely unenthused with that prospect but i have a year "off" to "find a job" / tentatively explore reality to see if there are any good bits lying around of which i can partake

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